Korey Russell, LMT

Hi everyone! I am Korey Russell, a licensed therapeutic massage therapist a graduate from Cortiva Institute school of massage therapy. For ten years I have aided countless individuals with chronic aches and pain, and managing mental stress. I specialize in body awareness, posture, and recovery. One of the many goals here is for individuals who come in for treatment understand massage can be seen more than relaxation but a technique to use for recovering. Receiving massages on a weekly to biweekly bases will do so much more in the process of helping you to heal physically as well as mentally. In my time practicing clients I have seen have experienced countless improvements. Some examples are, breaking down the muscle tension putting pressure on nerves and active trigger points in the muscle belly, better performance when training, quicker muscle recovery, and finding key spots for headaches making them less problematic. Lastly providing a safe comfortable space where tensing up becomes less of an issue, and there is a trusted bond that is made which will effect the healing process in a major way. Massage therapy is just as important and effective as other healthcare providers. Finding to right person wherever you go or whoever you work with for aches and pains can be difficult, but Handz Down Massage Therapy can be the place where you start.