Science of Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic massage is an application of manual stimulation to a part of the body with the purpose of producing a beneficial effect. Not only will massage effect your muscles but also your, skin, organs, as well as the nervous system and hormones.

Hormonal Changes Includes:

  • Adrenalin a short term hormone/ Cortical long term hormone.

Nervous System Changes includes:

  • (CNS) Central nervous system (awareness).
  • (PNS) Parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation).
  • (SNS) Sympathetic nervous system (stress).
  • (ANS) Automatic nervous system effects the skin and acts as a form of a stimulate.

Touch sensitivity can also be present anywhere in the human body, which can be emotionally or physically charged areas. Traumatized areas tend to carry more of a emotional charge and can be sensitive in reacting to touch. For example, dealing with a muscle injury scar tissue forms which can cause the injured spot to be sensitive and loosing full range of motion, as well as providing healthy blood flow which can last a lifetime if left untreated. The application of massage can loosen the tension area and begin to break down the scar tissue of the current or past injured site which will help bring back strength and flexibility.