Additional Stretches

Pigeon Stretch 

The pigeon stretch is a fantastic leg and hip opener that benefits all, regardless of flexibility. Referencing the picture above, go as far as you can before it becomes uncomfortable. This stretch releases your gluteus, hips and quad muscles.


Runners Lounge 


The runners lunge stretch is more advanced. This stretch is recommended for not just runners as well as those who do a lot of sitting. Sitting can shorten your hip flexors and psoas muscles which lowers your range of motion and may can contribute to low back pain.

A less advanced position for the runners lunge.


Spinal Stretch 

The spinal stretch is one of the most effective stretches for releasing the mutable muscle groups such as the middle back, low back , glutes, hamstrings, deltoids and pecs. Advance the stretch by further extending the crossed-over leg and keeping both shoulders as close to the ground as possible.

Happy Baby Stretch 

The happy baby stretch, popularized in yoga, is fantastic for alleviating back pain. The happy baby releases the the low back, groin and hamstrings.