The Healing Process

Although there are different types of massage techniques and pressures, not all massages will be 100% effective the first time. The healing process can be different depending on the person. All bodies heal differently. Individuals who suffer from pain due to muscle tightness or inactivty (from a desk job) will require different treatment timelines from someone who works in construction or who is very active. Stress levels also affect how quickly an individual will heal from a massage. Some will find relief after the first session, while others will have to have the problem areas treated many more times.

The massage therapist’s knowledge is also important to determine what type of technique your body will respond to in the best way. The massage therapist and the client share responsibility for letting one another know what’s working and what is not working, what hurts and what doesn’t, what feels great as well as what does not feel effective. The massage therapist’s training in the basics of massage or in more advance training will affect how your sessions will help you along the way of getting the best results.

It is also important to find a massage therapist that you feel comfortable with. You should feel that your massage therapist always has your best interest at heart. While it may take time to find the ‘right person’, it is crucial that you spend it. In matters of your health, nothing is more important than having the right health professional taking care of your problem areas. You must be able to let your guard down for this individual so the trauma and stress can exit the body, mind and muscle memory. Finding that place of peace for your session can help your mind and body reach the parasympathetic stage of relaxation every session and advance your recovery.