Professional Massage

There is a great variety of ways in which massages are performed. For this reason, many people misunderstand how effective a highly personalized, therapeutic massage can be for treatment. Handz Down Massage Therapy is all about making sure you receive personalized, professional therapeutic massages. Therapeutic massages should feel good and induce a comforting sensation. There is no inappropriate touch exchange and clients are encouraged to express their opinions on any areas they would liked avoided or addressed. It is crucial for clients to trust their massage therapist so that the body can properly relax and recover. If you have not received a massage recently, make sure you are fully comfortable with your massage therapist before beginning treatment.

The client also has a responsibility for keeping the environment safe for the therapist to perform treatment. Setting the rules and guidelines are important to so that everyone understands what and will not be addressed during the massage.

Massages should always provide a safe, comfortable and peaceful retreat from the day. It is a place for you to relax, remove stress and feel energized to take on the days ahead. With the proper environment, skill and trust in place, the possibilities of self-healing are limitless. The reward of witnessing a client’s recovery and restoration is why skilled massage therapists love what they do.