A high density foam roller is durable and will not flatten over time. This multipurpose stretching and massage roller is ideal for athletes, yogis and anyone suffering from muscular pain. It is effective for deep tissue massage before and after exercise. The user can pause on a tense or sore area to help it release.

The Thera-cane is an effective and recommended accessory for precision compression therapy on nagging knots and muscle pain. Consistent use can also help reduce the risk of future inflammation and injuries. It is best used when using massage lubricant such as lotion, gel, or oil for the neck and shoulder area for a self massage of back and fourth gliding.

The Tiger Tail is the perfect tool for everyday use before workouts or on the go if you are planning to do a lot of walking. It will warm your muscles to get circulation going for neck, shoulders, low back, as well as the glutes, legs, feet and hands.

The Divine Synergy Stone is a great tool to take with you wherever you go for fast, targeted self or assisted massage. Microwave it for 60 to 90 seconds and use it on your neck, shoulders, legs or arms. Visit the synergy stone website for helpful videos and a wide variety of stones to choose from.

The Cryosphere combines the benefits of Ice and Massage. It accelerates recovery of inflammation and injuries. It increases blood and lymphatic flow using trigger point myofascial release. The Cryosphere helps to relieve pain and break up scar tissue, naturally.